Chief Instructor:  Michael Black Instructor James Mckibben
  Chief Instructor  Jason Dodd Instructor Eli Hall
  Chief Instructor Beto Nunes Instructor Sven Hanson
  Chief Instructor - Kickboxing Dylan Moquins Instructor Ashley Gouthro
  Senior Instructor Larry Hartfield Instructor Kaj Falls
  Senior Instructor Marty Nemenyi  
  Instructor Mike Lindenmuth  
  Michael Black (6th degree Renshinkan in Karate) has been studying Shorinji-ryu karate-do since 1968 as a direct student of Master Tamotsu and now his son Nidaime Soke Iwao Tamotsu. He was the recipient of numerous state fighting and forms championships in Massachusetts and Connecticut.  He has served Gainesville as an accountant and tax specialist since 1992 and oversees the Inverness Renshinkan dojo. He holds a bachelors degree from Northeastern University in Boston.
  Sensei Jason Dodd (3nd dan Renshinkan in Karate, 3rd degree in Japanese jiu-jitsu, Brown Belt Brazilian Jiujitsu) began his martial arts training in 1987. He has trained under Sensei Alex Heyman since 1996. Sensei Jason Dodd began his training with Sensei Beto Nunes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 2008.  Sensei Dodd is the business owner and operator of the Global Martial Arts Academy. He is currently teaching both youth and adult bjj and karate.










Sensei Larry Hartfield (2nd degree Renshinkan in Karate )













Sensei Marty Nemenyi (2nd degree Renshinkan in Karate, 1st degree Shotokan) has over 35 years experience training in Shotokan and Renshankan Shoriji Ryu styles of karate and leads the executive training class.  Sensei Nemenyi's son and daughter, John and Marcia, also train at the dojo.




Sensei Eli Hall (1st degree black belt in Renshinkan Karate, Blue belt in De La Riva Jiu Jitsu) Sensei Eli Hall began his training in Renshinkan karate under Sensei Jason Dodd in 2002. He is actively working towards his black belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu since 2008.




Beto Nunes (2nd Degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - Under  De La Riva of Brazil) In 1994 at age 17, Beto Nunes started training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, in Sao Paulo, Brazil under Grand Master Flavio Behring (Helio Gracie Black Belt). After 5 years of training with Master Behring, he received his Purple Belt. Beto then switched teams to train with Team Carlson Gracie under. Beto received his Black Belt after 10 years of training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. In 2005, Professor Beto moved to the United States. In 2006, Professor Beto started training under Ricardo De La Riva (another Carlson Gracie Black Belt). In 2010, Professor Beto received his 2nd degree Black Belt under De La Riva. He is currently the Naga Black Belt Tennessee State BJJ Champion. Professor Nunes has many titles and competition awards from Brazil. He is also currently an active Referee and competitor in Naga and IBJJF tournament circuits.




Sensei Sven Hanson (1st degree Renshinkan in Karate) has also served the Gainesville and North Florida area since 1989 as a professional engineer and patent attorney.  His daughter, once a Renshinkan student, now dances with Pofahl Studio and credits her success in part to her training at the Academy.





Sensei Dylan Moquin



Sensei Ashley Gouthro



Instructor Kaj Falls has been teaching Yoga (particularly Ashtanga Yoga) for about 4 years, group exercise for about 7 years and martial arts for about 9 years. He has a bachelorís degree in Exercise Science and Philosophy and a masterís degree in Philosophy. His goal with this yoga class is to help everyone improve their flexibility, balance and strength.